Who is Heather Armstrong?

Heather Armstrong is an award-winning Nova Scotia musician inspired by her East coast roots and her deep love of Nova Scotia’s music traditions.


Located just south of Halifax, the vibrant music scene in the South Shore has helped foster Heather’s devotion to music as her life’s work. The joy of passing down a local musical legacy cannot be described. Seeing the joy light up in both children and adults’ eyes when they “get it” is just incredible. Fostering the heritage of the Nova Scotia musical history is an honour, privilege and a sacred duty.

The Journey

heather01.jpegThe love of music is natural for children of all ages. Concerts, festivals and performances capture our souls. Heather was no exception. Learning to play Scotia music has been her passion since childhood and now her joy of teaching music sustains her.

“Seeing how proud young children are while holding a new instrument is perfection. Watching them hold this unknown octopus; armed and ready to tackle it and make it their own.”

Armstrong laughs, and adds,

“It’s an honour to be their teacher in every way of the word”.

During Heather’s musical journey, she has been the recipient of countless awards. She is a world-class bagpiper and also excels at vocals and guitar. In 2018, she founded the South Shore Pipes and Drums Association – A Non-Profit School passionate in teaching bagpiping, drumming, and bringing Celtic culture to the community.



“Working as a Non-Profit is incredibly rewarding” according to Armstrong. Keeping Nova Scotia music alive is a calling, passion and joy. It is all a part of making music available to every person in the province, excluding none.

The Troubles

153407553_2823549731241094_6973313042622The Nova Scotia music scene was devastated by Covid. In-person concerts and festivals were closed down. From Halifax to Yarmouth, the music went silent. The question became how to replicate the joy of festival music and interacting with fellow Nova Scotia fanatics during this period.

Zoom has become the saviour to Scotia music.

Heather was determined to encourage and teach a new generation of budding musicians even during a Canada wide pandemic. Her online lessons build on musical foundations and can use household items as initial instruments. Her engaging teaching methods are delightful for both children and adults alike.

Instruments can be cobbled together from anything. It is not the cost of the instrument that is important. The joy of playing is the number one indicator of success.

How is it Working

WIN_20210210_08_38_19_Pro.jpgThe results have been remarkable. Zoom meetings with multiple students are like festivals online. Concerts in 2020, festivals 2020, even jam sessions in Nova Scotia all had to be done online.

“It is not the same as in person” Heather said, but it is remarkably enjoyable for all involved. The East coast spirit is remarkable. Nova Scotia is home to world class musical talent. All of Canada has a rich vein of musicians of course, but first in our hearts is the Maritime scene.

Hotbed of Music

StAndrews-16.jpgWhile Halifax is a hotbed of music, with a festival here and a festival there, the South Shore is no slouch. The interest for lessons in Nova Scotia’s South Shore is unbelievable. Across Canada, down to Halifax and down again to the South Shore, teaching has taken off on-line.

There is a love of our unique rhythms, chords, lyrics and vocal styling along the South Shore that resonates with our people. Once they tap into the love of music they stay in love till the day they die. The joy is instinctual, eternal and helps sustain a better quality of life.

Getting Started

PiperCeliegh-9.jpgWe offer a FREE lesson for the children (and adults) of Nova Scotia so they can see how they like it. Experience the wonder of playing a simple song. There is an unmatched joy to that experience you will never forget. Don’t miss out get your FREE lesson today.

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