“Pìoban Suas” (Pipes Up)! – Rising to the Occasion…

"Pìoban Suas" (Pipes Up)! - Rising to the Occasion...

…an inspiration to us all.

That inspiration is doubled for me when it is done by one of my wonderful bagpiping students.

The challenge thrown down was daunting.

Play every single day for an entire year. That’s right. A difficult task indeed.

10 minutes a day, every day. If you miss, we add a day.

Would anyone take on the challenge?

Catherine Stark took it on, and incredibly, has played every day but one.

Catherine has been sending videos and photos of her journey, recording her life as she practices from her home in Princeton, Ontario. She still continued to play on her trips to Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick. Quebec, and Nova Scotia.

The travelling piper is committed.

“Looking back at the year, I believe you have seen me in every state. There have been videos I’ve cried in, celebrated in, and said really bad words in,” Catherine told me.

The challenge started with the idea that we all needed hope and role models to look up to during some difficult time for musicians.

“It was a hard time, getting through this music business while the pandemic swept the nation.

Seeing her morning posts was such a rewarding and inspirational way to start the day. It made me remember that all will be well, and to keep on.”

Please join us as we cheer her on through blogs while she races through these last few months of this contest. Her ending date is January 23.

Also, Subscribe to Scotia Music for more updates, including a special interview to come on our travelling bagpiper.


Heather Armstrong,

Director, Scotia Music


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