Musical Friends

Summer Attendance (2022)

Privateer Days Parade (Both SSPDA and Musical Friends) June 24 10 a.m. arrival Hank Snow Museum SSPDA Heather Duncan Richard Rob Liane Caillum Calum Troy Ashton Fern Musical Friends Cley Annabelle Raina Cohen Stewart Josh Canada Day July 1 10 a.m. arrival Shipyard Landing, Bridgewater, Performance at 1215h Duncan Jeremy Al Liane Heather Queens Manor [...]

NEW! Leave a Comment on posts

Hi everyone, We can POST right here on our Members Portal! Don't worry, all posted will be approved by me to ensure no BOTS are getting in, AND we have it so only we can see the posts. Test it out by commenting below!   Talk soon! A lot of fun news to come your [...]

Musical Friends Cancellation (RE: COVID)

From Dawn Harwood-Jones, our head of operations: "In an abundance of caution, I am sorry to say I am suspending in-person instruction for Musical Friends.  7,000 people are on record as having tested positive this last week and 8 people died.  4,000 positive the week before.  That's on record - thousands more are no doubt [...]


Hello everyone, We have two fundraisers. As follows: Number one is selling tickets for our Bob Marley "Redemption Song" photo with frame and gold plated Album. Value is over $300. Tickets are $2 / three tickets for $5, and draw date is June 06 of this year. Will have tickets with me this Tuesday to [...]

Would you like to Volunteer?

Hello Musical Friends, Forgive me for the late post. Finally starting to catch up 🙂 . We had another lovely day together last week with special drumming guest, Josh Wagner. We are looking for volunteers to help out with snacks and / or fundraising ideas. Please let me know if you're interested. Musical Friends T-shirts are [...]

First Day Success!

Hello Musical Friends,   We had a wonderful first day. Well done, friends! Here are a few photos to share. Thank you again for playing music with us and see you next week!   Sincerely, Stewart Franck, Jamie Junger, and Heather Armstrong

Musical Friends to Start the week of February 7th, 2022.

Hello Musical Friends. CHESTER UPDATE: I hope all parents and guardians have been reached by now to hear about the fun music video the teachers are producing - written by one of the kids Anna C and Avery.  I hope your person will participate.  If they can't do this one, another is in the works [...]

Stevie Had a Little Puke

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